Meet The Owner

My Mom used to tell me that my sister and I could be accompanying her to the grocery store, but no one would know it, looking at me. While my sister would throw on a T-shirt and pair of jeans, I would get all dolled up in my pant-leather shoes from Stride Rite and a runway-worthy dress. I wasn’t going to miss my chance to be a fashionista, even if we were only going with Mom to buy some milk and eggs.

Years—and a few dress sizes later—my eye for fashion remains sharper than ever. Today, I am the proud owner of My Chic Cellar, born out of, you guessed it, my passion for fashion and eye for style.

My Chic Cellar follows my vision to create a welcoming online community, a warm and enjoyable place where clients can browse digital racks for fashionable attire, sip some wine should they choose to while, in the luxury of their home. My Chic Cellar is a culmination of hard work, persistence and my faith to build my own brand.

The road to getting here hasn’t been easy. Many times I wondered if I had the resources or would take the time to see this through. The fear of failing always seemed to goad me to give up and become complacent. However, I trust God, have faith, and act on that belief. 

Habakkuk 2:2 reads, “And the Lord answered me, and said, "Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it."

So for anyone with a dream written on their heart, I say, run with it. Believe that you are a resource with unique talents. Tap into the power of you and help others along the way by sharing your Godly gifts.

Now, if you’re ready to feel—and look—like you belong on the red carpet, even if, no judgment here, you’re just taking a quick trip down the grocery aisle, stop on by to My Chic Cellar.